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The Japan Association of Composers for Sumo Hearing Arts (JACSHA) is an association of composers who practice “sumo hearing arts” in an attempt to create a new form of expression by listening to sumo. Founded in 2008 by three board members – Sachiyo Tsurumi, Makoto Nomura, and Tomoko Momiyama – JACSHA believes that sumo is simultaneously a sacred ritual, an entertainment, a performing art, a sport, and a body of wisdom that reflects the traditional as well as the contemporary culture of Japan. JACSHA has organized various events including “Let’s Sumo Music” (Eko-in Temple), “Sumo Hearing Arts Forum” (Yanaka House), “Sumo Seminar: Sumo and Art” (HAPS), and “Scheming Sumo Hearing Arts” (Asahi Art Square).

Art Translators Collective

Based in Tokyo, Art Translators Collective is an organization specializing in translation, interpretation, and project planning/organization in the field of contemporary art. 

It is our belief that the process of translation in the field of art should concern itself with more than just the linguistic aspect of dialogues. It should also involve grasping the essence of a given project, contemplating with its organizers what to convey, to whom to convey it, and how best to convey it, and then proposing ways to realize these aims.


© Tomoko Momiyama

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